Dr Ashok Mohanty

A boy four years old was brought to me for multiple warts on the body. The warts were spread on the abdomen, forearm and right hollow of the knee.
The boy as such had no complaints about the warts. Neither he complained about the warts nor were the warts painful or bleeding, needing some medicine. But the parents were concerned as there were fifteen plus small warts and they are growing day by day.

Because of some prior knowledge about homoeopathy the parents had already consulted a homoeopathic doctor and prescribed remedies like Thuja, Nit Acid, Causticum and Dulcamara to the boy which yielded no result.

I asked the parents to explain everything in detail about the boy.

His father told, “He is naughty boy. He never sits idle at home, always in a move. Even during rest on the bed also he will be doing one or other thing like disturbing his elder brother who is studying on the same bed or pulling the hair of the mother who is taking a nap.

Everyday he will come up with a request for a new item from market. “Papa, bring pasta for me as shown on the TV or Gems surprise Ball with Benten toy inside.” When I bring the same he will tell “now I don’t want this, you bring Mc Cain Smily or MC Donald happy meal toy etc etc.”

I just listen to him and tell I will bring next time, sometime he will listen to it and keeps quiet and keeps on playing but sometimes he becomes very adamant that, “now I want it immediately.”

It might be night 10 O’clock but he will be very obstinate that he needs the same right now which is practically impossible as the market is closed by that time.

Then he will start throwing the items with which he would be playing. No matter how costly the items are, he will throw them outside.

Sometimes I keep my cool but if my mood is not good then I keep hold of him and slap him. But there is no stopping of his nuisance, he stays in the same state of anger and defiance and again throw the items around.

Even after repeated slapping and threatening he will not cool down. He will cry in a very loud tone and look into my eyes and keeps strong eye contact with me. This behavior further angers me and sometimes I beat him a lot but he will not go away from that place and keep on staring at me with defiance.
His mother intervenes and takes him away to the next room. But after few minutes he will again come back in front of me and start sobbing and crying looking at my eyes with defiance. He will not go away till I tell him sorry and take him in my arm and love him and tell lot of things like, “tomorrow I will certainly bring the item you want, please excuse me for my rudeness, I will not repeat the same etc etc.”

I observed the boy sitting on the chair. He was listening to what his father was saying and looking at me. There was no fear on his face as other boys of his age in the clinic do.  Children generally fear doctor first time in a clinical setup because of repeated experience to injection during vaccination. I asked him his name; he didn’t reply and looked to the other side.

From the above information I formed the following rubrics:

OBSTINATE, headstrong - children
CAPRICIOUSNESS - rejecting the things for which he has been longing; when offered, he is
ANGER - throwing things around
SHRIEKING - children, in
CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and
A dose of Kreosotum 30 was prescribed which cured the warts.

Understand the remedy and differentiating it from the other remedies in the core rubric ‘CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and’

Kreosotum child is very obstinate. Once he made up mind for something he will make sure that he gets it. He is so stubborn that nothing can deter him from fulfilling his need.

Obstinacy can be defined as an unreasonable determination to execute one’s plan. He will not yield to any reason or plea how logical may it be. He goes to any extent to have his own way. He cannot be easily subdued.

This can be differentiated from pertinacity in which the person also holds firmly to his demand or need or purpose or belief, but yields to logical understanding. The person is intelligent enough to understand the situation and yields accordingly but mind you he never lets the demand or purpose permanently. Rather when the situation becomes normal he will again ask for his need to be fulfilled.

Kreosotum child is capricious as well. The state of the child is such that his mind is very changeable and impulsive. He changes his demands very impulsively without taking any heed of the circumstance whether it is possible or not.

Kreosotum child has a deadly combination of three mental rubrics i.e.,

OBSTINATE, headstrong - children
CAPRICIOUSNESS - rejecting the things for which he has been longing; when offered, he is

This can be best explained as a child who is very whimsical and erratic, changes his demands very frequently even though it is given to him and doesn’t understand the difficulty or the reasonable problem of others and sticks to his demand strongly. When admonish he becomes defiant and even dares to look into the eyes of the guardian.

Only caressing brings normalcy to Kreosotum child. The person who has slapped or admonished him has to caresses him with lot of affection then only the Kreosotum child becomes normal.

Let’s differentiate the other two remedies present in the rubric ‘CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and’:

Aconite needs caressing when he feels that the situation is frightening to him. He feels now he cannot come out of the situation on his own. He communicates to the person who can help him to come out of the state which is death like frightening to him.

For example, a child who is constipated calls her mother from the toiled several times, “Mother the stool is not coming out, it is paining a lot.” But when the mother assures her that, “Daughter, just hold on, give a little pressure from the abdomen, the stool will certainly come out, please bear the pain for a few moment and you will see the stool will pass out and you will feel relieved.”

The child holds on by getting assured by the soft words of the mother and bears the pain and continues to exert pressure and ultimately the stool passes out.

We have the following set of rubrics for Aconite for the above expression:

FEAR - suffering, of
LIGHT - desire for
CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and

Pulsatilla child needs tons and tons of affection. She feels she is the only child who should be loved and caressed.

She is very selfish and is very jealous if the parents love others in the family especially her other siblings. She feels that others should love her and she will love others as per her need.

We have a rubric in Pulsatilla i.e. AFFECTION - absorbs. This means that you give any amount of affection to Pulsatilla it will absorb immediately as it has lots & lots of need for love and affection. So Pulsatilla child always needs to be carried and caressed with love and for love.


  1. good evening sir
    whether the character of the boy changed after
    the medicine?
    also please post the photographs of such cases

  2. Good evening sir
    Nice case.
    I never think on mental basis we can treate warts also. I have a case of wart in a girl at left upper eyelid. And a woman on left cheek. Given causticum thuja simultaniously withaut result. What should I do.